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Not being a Veteran that directly experienced military related PTSD, I still felt the words spoke directly to me and my personal experience with PTSD. Makes one appreciate even more the sacrifices our military members make for us each day. You have to experience or completely understand PSTD to be able to write and convey this message. This book has helpful words and ideas in trying to make sense of and deal with your PTSD issues.

Lynn Moon

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This is very at describing PTSD, especially for people who want and we sure hope you want, to better understand what PTSD is and how it affects those that have it. No matter if it is a family member or a friend, the more aware that you are of this illness, the better you can help and understand your loved one. It is written in lay man terms. Dr. Pam Hall knows her stuff and her goal is to make people aware of this illness so that life can be better lived by all of us, Veteran and Civilian alike.

Teran Jeffords

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